Regular Vacuum Cleaning At Home: Good Reasons with Great Health Benefits

If you don’t have wooden floors in your home, then it means you probably have carpeting on your floors. Carpets can be a great feature in your home and can really have a great visual impact in your home too, particularly if you take care of your carpets and keep them clean, hygienic and fresh. They can also add warmth, and a sense of comfort to any room in your home too. Regular vacuuming/cleaning and carpet maintenance can sometimes become unmanageable. Your carpets can easily and quickly become dirty from the grime, dirt, hair and dust particles that amass through people coming in and out of your house often.

In general, dirty carpets will often have a shorter lifetime and could eventually become a health problem to your own family, especially if anyone in your household suffer from asthma or allergies caused by dust mites or bad indoor air. Keeping your carpets clean and fresh is extremely important to minimize chemical, dust and pollution build up in your home, and keep a high degree of healthy indoor air quality. Realistically, your home should also be regularly ventilated to prevent a build up poor indoor air.

For best carpet maintenance, it is with the use of a quality modern vacuum cleaner that can benefit your health in many ways. Vacuum cleaning is one of the most important duties of basic carpet maintenance and hygiene. There are very good reasons why you should vacuum your carpets regularly and thoroughly. Grime, dust mites and dirt can collect quickly and cause problems for your carpets structure. Not only will it look unclean and reduce your indoor air quality, but it will also lead to faster reduction in quality over time. Unhealthy dirt and dust particles will destroy your carpets overall health and erode carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming with a good vacuum is extremely important in stopping dust mites numbers and dirt from ruining your lovely carpeting.

Regular vacuum cleaning also helps in preserving the hygiene of your carpets, and improving the very air you breathe in your own home every day. Having a dirty carpet in your home is dangerous and can lead to a breeding area for bacteria, mould, germs and dust mites feces, that can cause serious breathing related problems for everyone who lives in that environment. This is especially important if you have young children who spend their time playing on unhealthy carpets. Vacuuming every few days will ensure that your carpet is hygienic, clean, fresh and totally free from any harmful allergens or bacteria.

It is important that if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma symptoms, then it is even more vital for you to vacuum your carpet with a vacuum cleaner that is installed with a quality H.E.P.A. filter on a regular basis. Dirt, hair and dust particles can trigger the onset of allergy symptoms if there is a large amount of dust mites in your home carpets or in the air. Not vacuum cleaning regularly will cause those in your home to be unprotected from allergies and asthma symptoms. Frequent and thorough vacuum cleaning your home will ensure that your carpet is free from allergens/chemicals, and most importantly dust mites.

Do keep the carpets in your home as clean and fresh as you can, because it will have great long and short-term health benefits for the whole family. Also try to make a habit of frequently vacuum cleaning in your home to maintain its cleanliness and condition to keep your air fresh and dust free. It is highly recommended that you vacuum 3 times a week, and concentrate on areas that are used most, such as entrances and doorways. These are areas where dirt and dust may collect quicker. Keeping your carpet fresh and clean will make the pile look healthy, and keep it clean for your health reasons as well.

There are an abundance of vacuum cleaners on the market today that can clean your carpets thoroughly and really improve your indoor air quality at the same time. Modern and advanced vacuum cleaners do reduce symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers with regular use. This is because they use advanced filtration techniques that can trap over 99.97% of all dust, dirt, mite feces, hair and other allergens and pollutants that find their way into our airspace. If you can get over 90% of the dirt and dust out of your carpet pile, then you are well on your way to enjoying a fresh, healthy and hygienic home.

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Article Source: A_J_Pipkin