How to Care For Your Granite Counters

Granite is one of the easiest countertop surfaces to maintain. It is very difficult to scratch and can withstand extremely hot temperatures. With proper care and maintenance the condition of the granite can remain new looking for years.

Preventing a Stain:

The best way to prevent stains on your granite countertop is to wipe up spills immediately, before they penetrate the surface. When wiping up spills, use a soft clean cloth over the granite surface. Also, sealing your granite countertop can prevent stains from forming. The countertop should be resealed every year or two with a non-toxic sealer on food preparation areas. As a general rule of thumb, an impregnating sealer should be applied to all natural stone.

Removing a Stain:

While it is difficult to scratch the granite countertop surface, it can potentially stain if spills are not wiped up. Cooking oils and acidic substances such as wine, fruit juice, coffee, and soda can all cause the granite surface to stain if spills are not properly cleaned. Typically hot water works well for quick clean-ups. Dish soaps can be used to clean spills, but repeat use can dull the shine of the countertops and also cause build-up.

Home Remedies for Removing Stains:

Begin by mixing a cup of flour and 1-2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with water to make a thick paste. Spread the paste over the stained area of the granite countertop and cover with plastic wrap. Let the covered paste sit overnight on the stain. In the morning, scrape away the mixture with a wooden utensil and rinse the area off with water.
If the stain is oil based, use hydrogen peroxide in the paste in lieu of dishwashing liquid.
If the stain was caused by wine, ink, or other non-oil based products, you can mix molding plaster and pure bleach into a paste and spread over the affected area. Let the paste sit for about 30 minutes, then remove and rinse the area off with water.

Preventing Heat Damage:

Granite is known for its ability to withstand heat. Typically a hot pot or pan can be taken directly off the stove or from the oven and put onto the countertop. However, while very rare, it is possible for any granite surface to suffer “thermal shock” and crack. In order to prevent this from happening, place hot pads under pots and pans.

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