Tips for Cleaning/Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the features that many home buyers look for when shopping for a new house. In addition to their beauty, they are durable and easy to maintain. That is not to say that they are maintenance free, however. The following tips will help you preserve and keep your hardwood flooring looking great.

Sweep your wooden floors on a regular basis, but do not use a broom with coarse bristles that could damage your floors. Vacuuming about once a week or as needed using a light weight vacuum with a brush attachment is also a good idea.

If a “no shoes in the house” policy just is not practical for you and your family, placing non-skid floor mats in entranceways will prevent dirt and grit from making their way onto your floors. In higher traffic areas, area rugs and carpet runners can protect your floor. You do not want to use rugs with uncoated rubber, foam or latex backings, though. They can discolor or stick to your floors. Vinyl protectors, which can be cut to fit, will prevent slips and will not damage the wood.

Direct sunlight can fade your floors so consider closing curtains during the brightest hours of the day or use ultraviolet blocking film on windows. Rotate your rugs periodically as failure to do so can cause uneven coloration of your flooring.

Water and other liquids can ruin a hardwood floor. Make sure you attend to spills immediately. Clean up the spill and dry the area to prevent permanent damage.

Pets can present a challenge when it comes to preserving your hardwood flooring. Floors with a sturdy finish such as an oil based urethane stand up better to pets. Use the “spill proof” bowls that are designed to prevent tipping. A small rug underneath the bowls can catch spills. Your pet’s nails can cause plenty of damage to your floors so keep them well trimmed.

Furniture pads are a must with a wooden floor. Outfit the legs of all of your furniture with the pads and never drag your furniture across the floor.

A well maintained hardwood floor can add value, character and beauty to your home. Hardwood floors are easy to care for, but not so easy that you can just ignore them. If you and your family keep the simple tips above in mind, your hardwood floors can last a lifetime.

Max Kohl is a bit of a do it yourselfer and a big fan of walnut floors. He also maintains a website dedicated to walnut flooring.

Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors
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