Post Construction Clean-up

Whether you are completing a renovation or completing your brand new dream home, we can take care of all your cleaning needs.

We will ensure that all areas have been cleaned in strict accordance with our (standard) Cleaning Checklist (PDF). In addition to our standard Cleaning Checklist we will perform the following cleaning tasks;

  • All cabinets throughout the home will be vacuumed and all (interior and exterior) surfaces will be wiped.
  • All closets will be wiped including shelves and racks
  • All appliances will be wiped and sparkled (Sticker removal is optional and the decision of the renovator, builder or homeowner)
  • All glass, windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Remove all stickers from windows
  • All light fixtures dusted/wiped
  • All door frames, doors, window sills and moldings wiped
  • All floors Vacuumed around the edges and in all corners
  • Vacuum vents and cold air returns as required

A newly built or renovated home can be a beautiful thing, but only if it is clean and it sparkles!


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