Snow Removal

Do you just hate the idea of SHOVELING SNOW again this winter?

Then let us take care of that nasty chore for you!


We have the equipment and the manpower to handle whatever “Mother Nature” decides to throw at us again this winter!

No job is too BIG or too SMALL and you can COUNT ON US to actually SHOW UP when we say we will!

FULLHOUSE Cleaning & Maintenance Services Inc. has elected to structure its snow removal rates and policies in order to provide the best possible “value” for money, and with the objective of providing its clients with total and complete “Pease of Mind” knowing that their driveways and sidewalks will be shoveled, regardless of how much it snows during the course of any particular winter season!

Now that’s COMMITMENT!

So how are we able to take on that level of risk you may ask?

Our (monthly) rates are based on receiving a “seasonal commitment” from our clients. As a result of receiving these commitments we are able to confirm our schedule in advance of the first winter snowfall. The volume of advanced commitments provides us with the ability to organize and maximizing the effectiveness of our snow removal crews. It really boils down to “economy of scale”. The more clients that commit to the service, the easier it is for us to keep the monthly costs both “reasonable” and “affordable”.

We like to refer to this scenario as a…Win, Win!


Have a question or would like to obtain a quotation? We Would Love to Hear From You!

It won’t take long, and there’s no commitment or obligation.